speach_therapySpeech language pathologists (SLPs) provide life-improving treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with articulating syllables and pronunciation of specific sounds. Our SLPs assess and treat speech delays and deficits in people of all ages and through all stages of life to help them communicate better. Some of the areas most commonly treated in speech therapy are the initial, medial and final syllable deletions as well as additions of sounds in words. Articulation deficits and delays are common in children who are still developing or who may have learned behaviors which affect their ability to be understood by others. Adults are also viable candidates for speech therapy if they demonstrate a medical inability secondary to a stroke, oral cancer, or other diagnosis’s that prevent them from being understood when speaking to others. Our SLPs work directly with clients and their caregivers to provide them with tailored support. They also work closely with teachers and other health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, other allied health professionals to establish short-term and long-term obtainable goals.